There is increasing evidence in scientific literature about the need for good indoor air quality. I recently had the pleasure of having Jeff McArthur from Pure Air Experts assess the air quality in my home and office. After finding some concerns about the air quality in my home, he performed some maintenance work on the ducting and installed a filtering unit to clean and purify the air. The difference in the air quality is noticeable and remarkable. I highly recommend that people secure good air quality in their homes and work places.

    I have appreciated the work that Pure Air Experts has done in my home.

    Clinical associate professor – University of Alberta

    I am writing to introduce you to a friend of mine. Jeff McArthur is the owner/operator of Pure Air Experts, based in Alberta but also operating in Ontario. Jeff recovered from an illness that was induced by environmental exposures. He moved forward from that experience and started Pure Air Experts in recognizing the need for environmentally safe living. He is revamping his business to expand it even further. In addition to myself and Chris Spooner, Jeff is interested in collaborating with ND’s that are focused on environmental medicine, to help more people. He has collaborated with Dr. Genuis in the past, and is very familiar with Walter Crinnion’s work.

    Dr. Scott Clack -B.Sc., N.D.

    I have been suffering from post sinus surgery issues for 10+ years, sinus infections etc.., within hours of having my system running in my house, my wife & I noticed the difference in air quality & the lack of dust in the house, we both are breathing much better, and my sinus hasn't bothered me since. Trevor was excellent, very professional, and within minutes of meeting him it's obvious that they care, the installation was painless, under an hour.

    Thank you to Trevor & pure Air Experts & thanks to 630 CHED for having them on ask the experts for that is how i discovered them.

    Carter Dean Reich

    One Saturday morning I was listening to Jeff McArthur of Pure Air Experts on 640 AM radio and I heard him say that our inside air quality is more toxic then the outside air. That made so much sense to me as this year’s summer weather has made the air quality in the city the worst I have ever seen. I called Jeff and left a message on his voice mail as I was interested in his free home assessment. That same day Jeff personally texted me back and we made a quick appointment date for him to attend. Jeff attended my home and provided an immediate assessment of my home. His assessment really woke me up as I had a very high particulate amount in the millions. Jeff is so passionate about everyone’s health and is very knowledgeable about the product he sells. He explained my options and I agreed with his assessment that I needed a whole house HEPA Purification system to dramatically decrease the particles in my home. Jeff and I immediately made an appointment date for the install. Jeff was always in contact with me. On the install date, Jeff was on time and installed the whole home HEPA 1000 in no time at all and turned it on. I immediately could feel the difference in the air quality in my home. The air was lighter and felt so much cleaner. Jeff cleaned up after himself and showed me the inner workings of the Purification system. I highly recommend Pure Air Experts if you looking for a healthy home as it is the most important investment to make. Thank you again Jeff and Pure Air Experts, you are a breath of fresh air.

    Homestar Review

    Hello, my name is K. Smith and would like to say thank you to Pure Air Experts as they have improved my families’ air quality and overall health. When we first moved into our new home, we were amazed to see an increase in our family members getting sick more often. I found my kids were getting more colds and flu bouts than in previous years. I also found that our home seemed to be dustier than our friends and families’ homes. At first, we thought we saw an increase in dust in our home because we moved into the country. When we began researching possible causes to these increases, we found some information that surprised us to the chemical make-up of many building products which could contribute to an increase in getting colds, breathing, and flu sicknesses. We also found that many home builders blow the dust and particles from the building process into the vents and walls of your home when they tidy it up for the new owners. Part of concern came from the fact that I got pneumonia for the first time in my life, where I have rarely been sick. We were convinced that we had to do something about what we were experiencing.

    We started investigating and found some systems to better our situation. We found Pure Air Experts and had Jeff come out and perform an air quality test on our relatively new home (about a year at that time). My wife and I were amazed by the amount of dust particles in the air considering the fact that our new own home was so new. We also requested him to clean our ducts out to ensure that they were truly clean.

    After getting an air cleaner put into our home in hopes to improve our home and health, within days we were seeing improvements within our home. One of the first things we saw was less dust on our window blinds and throughout the house. We also had our house measured again following our installation and found a tremendous improvement in the number of particles within our air. It also felt better to breathe and improved my nights for sleeping, actually lessening my snoring rates. I am sure my wife has enjoyed that. We have now had our air purifier for about a year now. My family has experienced a decrease in bouts of sicknesses during this time. Even in high cold and flu season, my family seemed to ward off these bugs most of the time. My son, who is eleven years old, has made this comment, “I feel much better and have been sick way less in this year.” We continue to see a difference in the quality of air in our home. In many cases, our friends and family make comments to how good our air is in our home and how clean it is. We often share our thoughts to why our home is like this with our friends and family. I whole heartedly recommend this product to everyone I know and everyone who has searched for pure health and a better well-being for themselves and/or their family. There are a number of our friends that are also experiencing these benefits as a result of getting units put into their homes too. Pure Air Experts have done wonders for our family, and believe everyone can benefit by having clean air in their homes.

    The Smitty’s

    Just a quick note to comment on the air purifiers TransAlta had purchased after our demo period. Since adding the appropriate number of units to our office spaces, we have noticed a marked improvement in the cleanliness of our desktops, and in the overall cleanliness of the air quality in the administration buildings. It actually smells fresher. I look forward to some IAQ sampling to substantiate what we are sensing. Obviously, our primary concern is respirable coal dust. Thanks for taking the time to follow up with me. Professional as always. Well done.

    Doug Sanders