HEPA 1000UV *Portable

5 Stage-HEPA UV Air Cleaning System
*Portable Unit

*Portable HEPA unit

Versatility to move about, with the air filtration abilities of a central HEPA system.


  • 5 year manufacturer warranty*
  • Premium Standard Features Listed Below

  • Castors to easily move from room to room.
  • Variable Speed European Motor for comfortable operation and optimum cleaning efficiency.
  • Performance Indicator Light shows air cleaner is working properly at a glance.
  • User-friendly no complicated controls. Easy to access filters and to maintain.
  • Durable metal cabinet with minimal plastic trim. Does not off-gas like other plastic type air cleaners or appliances.
  • Unique air flow pattern prevents air blowing on room occupants.

Premium Standard Features

  • Carbon Prefilter protects the HEPA filter while removing lint, hair and larger particles.
  • Long-life, 99.97% HEPA Filter removes particles 0.3 microns (1/84,000 of an inch) and larger such as atmospheric and household dust, coal dust, insecticide dust, mitespollenmold sporesfungibacteria, virusespet dandercooking smoke and grease, tobacco and cannabis smoke particles and more. The HEPA filter becomes more efficient over time.
  • Two UVC Germicidal Lamps are enclosed in a Reflector which intensifies the UVC rays.(NON-OZONE producing)
  • Unique Photo Catalytic Oxidation (PCO) Filter  has a very high surface exchange capability and allows UV light into the mass of the material — means there is absorption throughout the whole filter instead of just on the surface.  The combination of the UVC light and the PCO decomposes organic materials into basic molecules such as H2O and CO2.
  • Carbon Potassium Permanganate Filter for removal of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) and light gases.


Recommended Filter Change Intervals:

  • Carbon Pre-Filter 3-6 Months
  • HEPA Filter 2-3 Years
  • UVC Germicidal Lamps 2-3 Years
  • PCO Filter 2-3 Years
  • Carbon Potassium Permanganate Filter 1 Year
    ...or as needed.