Autism Awareness

Pure Air Experts believes in supporting charities and working closely with companies that are aligned with our values, In 2012 we donated $10, 000 Healthy Home Makeover prizes to various organizations. Including the Stollery Children's Foundation, the NCO Naturopathic Doctors of Ontario Organization, and the Alberta Autism Society.

“We are honeyed to have members of the community support the Foundation through organizing their 01/41 fund raising events, and you are one of those outstanding individuals who took the initiative to Support our efforts to help children. “
-Slattery Children's Hospital Foundation

“Mr. McArthur approached us about doing a 'Home Makeover Contest' raffle in support of Children's Autism Services of Edmonton. It was a successful endeavor and Children's Autism Services received charitable support in the amount of $6,000. Mr. McArthur is a very enthusiastic caring individual and is clearly passionate advocate for Pure Air products and services.”
- Children's Autism Services of Edmonton

Healthy Home Makeover winners for Autism Services of Edmonton! Mr. Mrs. Art Melanson of Edmonton Alberta.

It is a pleasure to help support such a great cause and now we are enjoying a cleaner healthier environment in our home thanks to Jeff McArthur and Pure Air Experts

Healthy Home Make over!

Pure Air Experts
Imagine you and your family living in the healthiest home available today! Indoor air quality expert, Jeff McArthur from Pure Air Experts, has created a program that changes regular homes into CLEANER, HEALTHIER and SAFER homes. Jeff and his team of experts offer a wide variety of services and solutions: Pre-Purchase Home Inspections, Mold Testing, Chemical and VOC Testing, Radon Testing and Electromagnetic Field Testing! Don’t forget, Pure Air Experts carries the largest selection of medical grade air purifiers too! Toll-Free: 888-433-3033 OR EMAIL US: Email: [email protected] today and ask about Pure Air Experts’ one-of-a-kind, new and improved air duct cleaning services. Don’t forget to ask how you could win a 10-thousand dollar ‘Healthy Home Makeover’ in support of the Stollery Children’s Hospital.

Edmonton Autism Sponsorship

Pure Air Experts was proud to sponsor the Edmonton Autism Network.