About Pure Air Experts

Company Summary
Pure Air Experts is staffed with environmental experts who have been “changing” lives for over 20 years. In addition, we have relationships with many doctors of environmental medicine, so we have the most current information about the relationship between clean air, a toxic free environment, and long sustainable living. We have branches in Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia, with the options to serve you and ship worldwide.

Our in-home assessment is the corner stone of how we operate. (We also offer remote consultations by computer or over the phone) We show what families are breathing in their home and workplace and the offer PROVEN, EFFECTIVE SOLUTIONS to purify their air and surrounding environment.

Available to you is our “true” HEPA air purification systems that are Canadian Made and CSA approved. As well as ionized/electrolysis machines by Enagic Canada. Last but not least INFRARED saunas by Saunacore.

Whatever your situation or needs are we will strive to ensure you have all the information need to make an educated decision.

It’s simple; we believe that health is one of the most important investments you can make, and that every person deserves to have a healthy environment. An environment enriched with CLEAN, PURIFIED AIR, THUS ALLOWING FOR A BETTER STANDARD OF LIVING AND A HEALTHIER SOCIETY AS A WHOLE.